After the sun sets and stars brighten the sky, Goa comes to life. The smallest state in the country is in happy party mood for 365 days of the year. As far as the nightlife is concerned, Goa is simply a pleasure.


Goa harbors a medley of exhilarating options. Check out the thriving nightclubs, the charming beach shacks, the alluring night markets and party cruise. Enjoy the flow of drinks, its affordable and easily available. Party hard under twinkling stars or the beautiful shores dancing to the latest tunes of live music or DJs spinning their beats. Gambling in the Goan casinos can be tried, it’s legal and quite fun to test your luck. Explore the Night bazaars of Goa offering an assortment of handicrafts, clothes, shell jewellery and other attractive stuff. The sunset river cruise is one of the most romantic things a couple must try.

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