You are never too old to witness the finest creations of god which stays underwater. Feel the sea, explore the flora and fauna and discover a new you. In this one lifetime, we should endeavor in every possible way of making memories and with every adventure we learn. Traveling with family and friends, getting tired by participating in activities and next day getting ready for a new adventure, if this is not life, I don’t know what life is or should be.


What is snorkeling?


There are a lot of activities which helps you rejuvenate but no other activity is as recreational as snorkeling. Though Goa is known for the golden sand beaches, nature and the various water sports, but nothing is as charming as snorkeling in Goa. People from places travel to Goa to enjoy the best moments of their lives. Snorkeling is nothing but taking a closer view of the marine world using a snorkel. You will be packed with safety equipments and guided by an instructor, you will be taken to the aquatic world. This will be an out of the world experience for sure.

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